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Dr. Balazs FEHER
Balazs FEHER

Medical University of Vienna
Expected 2022:  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Endocrinology and Metabolism
Dissertation: Insights into osteocytic signaling in bone regeneration
Thesis Committee: Prof. Reinhard Gruber, Prof. Ulrike Kuchler, Prof. Johannes Grillari

2018: Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Corinna Bruckmann

Harvard School of Dental Medicine
2023 –
Osteology Research Scholar -Department of Oral Medicine, Infection, and Immunity

Medical University of Vienna
2019 – 2023
Junior Scientist and Lecturer - University Clinic of Dentistry, Department of Oral Surgery & Competence Center Oral Biology
2017 – 2019
Research Assistant -University Clinic of Dentistry, Department of Oral Surgery & Competence Center Oral Biology

Osteology Foundation
2022 Research Scholarship -Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Reference № 22–005; Amount of funding: 35 000 CHF
2020 Young Researcher Grant - Osteocytic RANKL expression in bone graft consolidation, Reference № 19–158; Amount of funding: 29 780 CHF

International Team for Implantology Foundation
2019 Research Grant
Disabling osteocyte apoptosis in mice: Impact on calvarial bone generation, Reference № 1456/2019; Amount of funding: 28 571 EUR

International Telecommunications Union — World Health Organization, Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence for Health
2021 –
Contributor and Co-Principal Investigator, Topic Group Dental Diagnostics and Digital Dentistry, Subtopic Oral Surgery

European Association for Osseointegration
2021 –
Member ,Junior Committee

Feher B, Kuchler U, Schwendicke F, et al. Emulating Clinical Diagnostic Reasoning for Jaw Cysts with Machine Learning. Diagnostics. Accepted August 11, 2022.
Feher B, Frommlet F, Ulm C, et al. Preoperative buccal bone volume predicts long-term gain following augmentation in the esthetic zone. Clinical Oral Implants Research. 2022 May;33(5):492-500.
Feher B, Wieser C, Lukes T, et al. The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Patient Selection, Surgical Procedures, and Postoperative Complications in a Specialized Dental Implant Clinic. Journal of Clinical Medicine. 2022;11(3):855.
Feher B, Spandl LF, Lettner S, et al. Prediction of post-traumatic neuropathy following impacted mandibular third molar removal. Journal of Dentistry. 2021 Dec;115:103838.
Feher B, Gruber R, Hirtler L, et al. Resonance frequency analysis of implants placed in condensed bone. Clinical Oral Implants Research. 2021 Oct;32(10):1200-1208.
Feher B*, Apaza Alccayhuaman KA*, Strauss FJ, et al. Osteoconductive properties of upside-down bilayer collagen membranes in rat calvarial defects. International Journal of Implant Dentistry. 2021 Jun 7;7(1):50.
Feher B, Frommlet F, Lettner S, et al. A volumetric prediction model for postoperative cyst shrinkage. Clinical Oral Investigations. 2021 Nov;25(11):6093-6099.
Feher B, Gruber R, Gahleitner A, et al. Angular changes in implants placed in the anterior maxillae of adults: a cephalometric pilot study. Clinical Oral Investigations. 2021;25(3):1375-1381.
Feher B, Lettner S, Heinze G, et al. An advanced prediction model for postoperative complications and early implant failure. Clinical Oral Implants Research. 2020;31(10):928-935.

* equal contribution

Feher B, Frommlet F, Ulm C, et al. Long-term volume stability after buccal bone augmentation in the esthetic zone. Clinical Oral Implants Research. 2021;21(S22):53-53.
Feher B, Lettner S, Karg F, et al. A novel risk prediction model for postoperative complications and early implant failure. Clinical Oral Implants Research. 2020;31(S20):247-248.
Feher B, Gruber R, Gahleitner A, et al. The effect of residual craniofacial growth on implants placed in the anterior maxilla – A long‐term cephalometric study. Clinical Oral Implants Research. 2019;30(S19):496-496.
Feher B, Karg F, Gruber R, et al. Dental implant placement in a specialized clinic – A 3‐year retrospective analysis. Clinical Oral Implants Research. 2019;30(S19):495-495.
Feher B, Kuchler U. Adjunctive anti‐infective measures in surgical peri‐implantitis treatment ‐ A systematic review. Clinical Oral Implants Research. 2018;29(S17):113-113.

2018 European Prize for Research in Implant Dentistry
Awarded by the European Association for Osseointegration For the study “Adjunctive antimicrobial measures in surgical peri-implantitis treatment”

Medical University of Vienna
DMD Program
825.001 Oral Biology & Regenerative Dentistry (2022)† Lecture
828.003 Oral Surgery (2020, 2022)† Practical
670.000 Interactive Learning in Oral Surgery (2020, 2021, 2022)† Seminar
806.135 Methods of Medical Research (2021)† Seminar
826.001 Gnathology & Occlusion I (2016, 2017)‡ Practical
826.002 Gnathology & Occlusion II (2016, 2017)‡ Practical
829.011 72-Week Clinical Rotations (2021, 2022)† Practical

MClinDent Program in Periodontology and Implantology
892.003 Patient Risks (2021)† Lecture
892.008 Medication (2021)† Lecture
† as Lecturer, ‡ as Teaching Assistant

Medical University of Vienna
Ongoing Theses
Since 2021: Katarina Sieberer, Julia Kuhn, Manuel Alexander Guerra Escalante, Melinda Seeland-Csitari§, Michael Fürthauer, Michael Boneberg, Theresa Lukes
Since 2020: Gloria Amelie Cejnek
Defended Theses
2022: Valeriya Bobrik, Petar Filip Nadj, Ivan Simic, Cordelia Wieser
2021: Maximilian Neumayer, Lisa-Franziska Spandl
2020: Letizia Elisabeth Nemeth, Philipp Luciano Necsea
2019: Florian Karg

§ Master’s thesis

Reinhard Gruber
Professor and Head, Department of Oral Biology, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria, reinhard.gruber@meduniwien.ac.at
Jung-Seok Lee
Professor and Head, Department of Periodontology, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea, cooldds@gmail.com